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Project Associate: Experimental Aerodynamics

Overview: Development of a gust facility and subsequent testing of single and coaxial rotors.


Educational qualifications: Undergraduate/MTech/Masters/PhD in aerospace/mechanical engineering.

Preferred skills: Prior experimental work

Project Associate: Development of CFD and Design Numerical Frameworks

Overview: Development and testing of numerical solvers (CFD, free-vortex method) for rotorcraft related aerodynamics.


Educational qualifications: MTech/Masters/PhD in aerospace/mechanical engineering.


Preferred skills: Background in aerodynamics, partial differential equations, numerical methods, programming ability in C/C++/Fortran/Python. 


Project Associate: Conceptual Design of Aircraft

Overview: Numerical work related to conceptual design

Educational qualifications: Minimum undergraduate degree in aerospace/mechanical/electrical/computer science engineering.

Preferred skills: Must demonstrate strong coding skills in Python and must recognize basics of aircraft design.